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If you purchase some kind of self-defense weapon, you’re going to want to practice extensively with it. If you don’t, when the time comes, you could very well choke and succumb to fear or panic, or not know what to do at all.

If you do know what to do, then you’ll be confident and not back down in a fight for your life. If you bought something like a knife or a stun gun, you should sign up for self-defense classes, where they can teach you how to use these in addition to your bare hands to quickly incapacitate your attacker.

In these classes, they may teach you how to guard certain areas of your body and where to attack your attacker, such as the eyes and groin. These classes can be life savers when you need them, and cost around $50-$100 per month.

This is especially important when you’ve chosen a firearm as your form of self-defense. You should go out to a range with a big box of ammo, and practice your aim at various distances.

Getting a good feeling for your gun is essential. You should practice your sight picture, which is how your firearm’s sights look in relation to your target, to ensure you’ll land a proper shot.

You should also consider taking shooting classes in order to get a better understanding of how your gun works and how to use it without even having to think about it. You should also keep regular maintenance of your self-defense weapon.

This is especially important with firearms. If you bought a small revolver, went out and shot it at the range, and didn’t clean off the residue in the cylinder, it very well may not fire when you need it to.

Cleaning is even more important with semi-automatic handguns. If not taken care of, they can very easily jam on you. You can buy pistol cleaning kits on Amazon from a company called Hoppe’s, which is a very trustworthy company.

You should make sure that whatever kit you buy matches the caliber of your gun. If you bought a .45, then the cleaning kit that fits 9mm, .38, and .357 will not work for your gun.

This is important because of the size of the cleaning tools. Hoppe’s does also sell a universal cleaning kit for $22, if you want to spend a little more. You’re also going to want to get some Ballistol to lubricate the gun, which will cost about $10 for a good sized can.

Once you have these, you can look up a YouTube video for your make and model of gun on how to clean and disassemble it. This is important because even if you did all of that preparation and training, it’s useless if your gun is dirty and doesn’t work.

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