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In a fight for your life in a self-defense situation, you can’t be afraid to go for all of the cheap shots. When you’re deciding between life and death, absolutely nothing is off limits.

There are very few disadvantages to maiming your attacker, assuming you don’t have moral issues with it. First, you have to know where to attack. You want to go for the most sensitive and vital parts of the body.

The first option that comes to mind is the eyes. If you can manage to stab your attacker’s eyes with your fingers or another object, there’s no way they can go after you when they’re blind.

They’ll probably have to go the hospital, where you can easily identify the perp as “the one with injured eyes.” That is, of course, if you run away (which you should, in case they recover).

Call the police while they’re writhing in pain, and the police will take them to the hospital and then question and arrest them. Without shame, if you have a male attacker, you can go for the groin.

Nothing is off limits when fighting for your life – not even the genitals. This will incapacitate most people pretty quickly, and possibly prevent them from reproducing. Using this method is best for escape.

Sticking around for him to recover is a very bad idea, because he will likely get enraged. The main advantages to maiming your attacker are incapacitation and marking. The whole point of self-defense is to get out of a hostile situation alive and preferably unscathed.

Hitting crucial points of the body and inflicting excruciating pain on your enemy will more often than not give you enough time to escape. If you can make a scar or noticeable mark on your attacker, you can give this detail to the police to make it easier for them to track and identify them.

Maiming your attacker is much easier if you have a weapon of some kind. If you have a baton or other blunt objects, the best places to strike are the head, neck, and spine. All of these will inflict the highest level of trauma, and will lead to unconsciousness, serious injury, shock, or even death.

With knives, it’s actually better to go for the less bony and more squishy and fleshy body parts. The neck remains a good option, in addition to the heart, lungs (ribs), stomach, guts, etc.

There are also major arteries that can be hit with a knife to cause serious blood loss, such as the radial artery at the wrist, the brachial artery at the elbow, the neck, the temporal near the temple, and the femoral artery in the thigh.

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