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When looking to pick out a knife for self-defense, you can easily be overwhelmed by the massive selection of knives available. However, if you look at it the right way, you can find the right knife for you.

First, you have to decide what kind of knife you want. If you want something that you can take everywhere, you’ll want a pocket knife. However, if you need a knife for hunting, survival, or home defense, you’ll want a fixed blade knife.

Pocket knives can be divided up based on how they open. On some knives you have to pull the blade out yourself. These knives are generally cheaper. Some great pocket knives include anything from the Spyderco “Resilience, Tenacious, Persistence, Ambitious” series, which is the same knife in different sizes. These knives may look strange, but they’re very ergonomic and well built.

Other knives have a spring assisted opening, so they can be opened with one hand quickly. These are a little more expensive, but they’re much better for self-defense. A good assisted opening knife is the Smith and Wesson M&P Linerlock.

This knife is a great assisted opening knife because unlike others, it has a lock so that it can’t open in your pocket. Some may be looking for a more durable knife. If you’re looking for a knife for survival in a major SHTF situation, there are a number of options for you.

First, you should consider a large KA-BAR knife. These knives have been used by the USMC since WWII, and will never fail. Another good knife from KA-BAR is the BK5 camp knife.

This knife is made of a tough, easily sharpened carbon steel, which is ideal for survival. Schrade also makes a good series of low-cost knives, such as the SCHF37, SCHF36, and the SCHF27. These feature nylon grips, which make them easy to hold even in wet conditions.

Some don’t need fixed blade knives for survival, but rather for hunting. Hunting knives have 4 categories: gutting, skinning, deboning, and butchering. Gutting knives usually have a hook to assist with the initial gutting process.

Skinning is the next process, and the best knives for this have a thin, curved blade. Deboning knives are similar to skinning knives, but usually longer. Finally, butchering knives are large, but the only real prerequisite is that it makes clean cuts.

A bowie knife makes for a wonderful multipurpose knife, being a very effective hunting knife. Bowie knives often have clip point blades, meaning they curve down to the tip. KA-BAR again makes a wonderful Bowie knife for about $60. These Bowie knives are also ideal for fighting and self defense – making them a great home defense knife.

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